9 things your sales team need to
do to become resilient.

Emotional resilience is not only critical for learning and developing, it also has a direct impact on HAPPINESS.

Here’s what I teach them to do.

  1. Be flexible – which means that they recognise that whilst they can’t control the external things in the world, they can choose “to go with the flow” and let go the resistance to change. Adapting and continuing are fully possible and always a choice.
  2. Practice being OK with discomfort – which means accepting themselves and their situation, is a good place to begin. They will build emotional resilience if they use this time to practice accepting themselves and release the inner critic.
  3. Learn from the mistakes and successes. –allowing discomfort during doubtful circumstances to reveal something about themselves, helps them to grow and become more emotionally resilient. We all learn through trial and error. (We can’t learn to ride a bicycle by reading a manual!) Ultimately, resilience is just getting back up when you fall. There is no mistake. It simply is a MISSED-TAKE on that situation and it is another wonderful lesson on how to do it differently on the next take.
  4. Daily reflection – which means they get in the habit of taking a step back to gain a broader perspective. Daily reflection broadens what they see, and they do this by reviewing the past sales call and imagining the future one. A shift in perspective can help them see the situation from a new point of view and try out new solutions this build emotional resilience in the future. Developing this self-awareness is the most important step because when we know better, we do better!
  5. Ask for help – This is a strength and not a weakness. Before moving forward with a plan of action encourage them to share and brainstorm ideas and discuss any possible or perceived uncertainty.
  6. Be kind to themselves – In difficult moments, it is essential for your team to practice self-compassion. They need to be kind to themselves to maintain their self-confidence and stay open to all possibilities. They are a human beings not machines!
  7. Applaud accomplishments. After all the work they have done to move their way through uncertain times and difficult selling situations, facilitate and celebrate their successes and make sure to include those who helped them achieve positive results.
  8. Practice being grateful. Emotional resilience is about more than recovering from challenges — it’s about thriving in the face of those challenges.
  9. Embrace change as something positive – Change brings something different and potentially exciting. Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher who lived around 500 BC said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” New struggles stimulate growth potential through new experiences. Let them welcome change!


It is “our ability to respond to life” that is being put to the test here, and the more you help your sales team to exercise this muscle, the more we will recognise and view the challenges that come in a positive light.

This is how your team will become emotionally resilient. To learn more, take a look at the workshops I offer.