Emotional skills PLUS practical
skills produce REAL results.

It’s so wonderful to see people are talking about the importance of emotional intelligence more and more.
I was an incredibly lucky salesperson who was fortunate enough to have a sales director who recognised the benefits of emotional intelligence training to help me be better.
I was successful in selling, but I was always making my life a lot harder than it needed to be.
(Thankfully, this was common in amongst most of us salespeople!)
When I stumbled into the world of Emotional Intelligence, I felt a huge relief.
Why? I felt acknowledged and understood as a HUMAN BEING.
Here are a few things that understanding and practicing soft sales techniques improves:
  • Self-awareness and confidence which means that you can recognise your triggers and respond calmly
  • Management of emotions which means that you don’t cave in to early discounting at the first objection.
  • A positive mindset so that you can see the good in most situations.
  • The Ability to work under pressure so that you don’t panic and switch into fight or flight mode.
Soft skills and hard skills produce REAL results. When you know better you do better.