Your salespeople DO know what to do.
So WHY DON’T they do it?

Before I answer that question, let me ask you a few questions about yourself.   
Has this ever happened to you?
  • You’ve felt uncomfortable in a situation, and FROZE? You literally went blank and couldn’t think what to say? After this, you were amazed at yourself. Because you DID know the answer, but in the moment, you were blank! 
  • Or, have you felt intimidated by someone or something, and all you could hear inside your head “Get me out!” You wanted to run for hills!!
  •  Or, how about, when you were feeling unnerved and a bit frightened? You felt you were backed into a corner, so, you showed up for the fight? You became defensive and argumentative!  


After any of these scenarios we normally scratch our heads and say, “I knew the answer so what on earth just happened there?” 

“I wasn’t in my right mind!”  Well, you were right.  You WERE in a different part of your brain. 
You were in the reptilian brain. This is the oldest part of our brain and this part is all about survival. It is there to keep us safe.
The problem with this part of the brain is that it can’t differentiate between real and not real! This part of the brain reacts as if you are standing in front of a bear!!
The responses that we all experience (as above) are known as flight, fight, or freeze,
In sales situations, NOT recognising this can be very detrimental to your sales results. 
This is #1 reason for inconsistent results. 
The result: 
  • Sales people who cave into early discounting just to get out! (Then they tell you they lost the deal because the price was too high!!)
  • Sales people who agree to prepare quote before even having the full picture. (The results are inaccurate sales pipeline predicts and a lot of wasted time)
Self-awareness is the ability to recognise the trigger and bring ourselves back into our logical brain.
Teach your salespeople this simple thing about their brains so they don’t let their emotions run the sales meetings!